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What Your Toothbrush Says About You

What Your Toothbrush Says About You

Whether you rock an old-school manual bristle brush or a high-tech electric one, your toothbrush can say a lot about you.

Manual Toothbrush

If you use one of these classic, human-powered toothbrushes, chances are you’re a DIY enthusiast who doesn’t mind using a little elbow-grease to get the job done. This timeless design, which can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty of the 600s, has been cleaning teeth for well over a millennia. You respect the tried and true and like the feeling you get from completing a task on your own.

Electric Toothbrush

You’re not afraid to use technology to make your life easier. A seasoned multi-tasker who can clean their teeth with one hand while firing off an email on their phone with the other, you’re someone who wants to get the most out of your teeth and your time. You especially love the two-minute timer to help keep you brushing for just long enough. If you don’t already own your own business, you probably aspire to one day.


If you have a combination electric toothbrush and water-flossing system, you are serious about your oral health. You don’t mind putting in the time — or money — to make sure your teeth are looking the best they can be. Your car probably sparkles as much as your grin, and your outfit is always on point. You care a lot about first impressions and your profile pic is probably as perfect as your smile. You’re an early-adopter and an influencer amongst your circle. Your friends are constantly asking you “where did you get that?

But no matter what kind of toothbrush you’re using, make sure you see your dentist regularly for bi-annual cleanings. That’s the best way to make sure your smile really shines!


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