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What Winter Weather Could Mean for Your Teeth

Winter weather can bring all sorts of things: cozy sweaters, hot cocoa… and tooth pain? If you have sensitive teeth the change in the weater — and the change in eating habits that comes with it — could mean your teeth are seriously suffering this season.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, you’re probably aware that foods that are too hot OR too cold, leave you with that uncomfortable feeling in your teeth and gums. We know that Peppermint Mocha latte might just be too tempting to pass up. Consider ordering it lukewarm to avoid that zing of pain when you take a sip. And even though a bowl of hot soup might be just what the doctor ordered on a snowy day, your dentist would advise you to wait until it cools a bit before you dive in.

Teeth Chattering Cold

Another unfortunate side effect of living in a winter wonderland is weather so cold your teeth start to chatter! Cute in a Hallmark Christmas movie, but not so cute when the banging of your teeth together causes some serious damage. Friction can wear away enamel, which leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay or sensitivity. So why does this even happen when it’s cold? Our facial muscles shake in an attempt to get warm, causing our teeth to bang into one another and “chatter”. So what can you do to avoid this? Get inside and get warm!

How to Protect Your Winter Smile

You worked hard all year perfecting your smile. So what can you do to protect it during the coldest season? Make sure you brush and floss often. Avoid sugary foods (we know, it’s hard this time of year, but try moderation) and make it your New Year’s resolution to see your dentist regularly! Call Dr. Heller today to make an appointment to see him in the new year!


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