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What to Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy

The trick or treaters have gone home, you’ve turned out the lights, you’ve put away your Halloween costume, but what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy? Well, you could throw it away. If it’s unopened, you could try returning it to the store. Or you could keep reading for more fun ideas of what to do with your leftover Halloween candy!

Donate it

You might be sick of looking at your bag of fun size Snickers, but there are many people whose days would be brightened by a little treat. Ronald McDonald House collects unopened candy for sick children who are unable to participate in trick-or-treating and their families. And Operation Gratitude sends sweet care packages to deployed troops and first responders across the globe. In fact, there are several charities who collect Halloween candy for the troops. By donating your uneaten candy, not only would you be doing your teeth a favor by not eating all that sugar, you would be making someone’s day.

Get Crafty

You know all those colorful little wrappers? You can recycle them by using them to decorate boxes, garnish gifts of even as a fill-in for tissue paper. They are especially great for stuffing into a coffee mug or any other gifts where you might need a little filler.

Binge Eat it

This one seems counter-intuitive, but stay with us: it’s actually the frequency with which you eat the Halloween candy, not the amount, that does the most damage to your teeth. Dr. Heller says once you eat one piece of candy, the pH in your mouth becomes acidic. It doesn’t return to normal for at least 30 minutes, up to an hour. So if you eat one piece now and one piece later, you’re causing your teeth to remain acidic (which causes tooth decay) for twice as long. But if you binge on three pieces in a row, then throw the rest away, your teeth will remain acidic for only that initial 30-60 minutes. Pretty much a win-win if you ask us!


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