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Want a Brighter Smile Without Whiteners? Try These Tips and Tricks

Brighter Smile Without Whi

Want a Brighter Smile Without Whiteners? Try These Tips and Tricks

Brighter Smile Without Whiteners80% of Millennials and Gen Xers want brighter, whiter teeth, according to a recent survey. And while Americans spent more than $3.2 billion on over-the-counter teeth whitening products in the last year alone, there are other ways to get a brighter smile without resorting to whiteners.

Why are we so obsessed with white teeth? White teeth make you appear younger, more confident and even smarter. No wonder it’s the most requested cosmetic service in the country. But for those of us who can’t spend the money on a professional treatment, there are alternatives to over-the-counter whiteners.


Something Blue

Your teeth have a naturally cool, blue tone. To bring out that natural glow, wear something blue. A lip moisturizer with a blue tint works best to frame the teeth and help brighten up your smile. If you’re feeling bold, go with a blue — or purple — lipstick to really whiten things up.

Eat Crunchy Foods and Veggies

Crunching on a crisp food like a carrot helps your mouth produce more saliva. Saliva, in turn, helps ward off cavity-causing bacteria. So not only are you keeping your mouth healthier, and thus, your teeth whiter, when you eat foods like carrots, celery and apples, but the friction from chewing acts as a buffer to gently scrub away bits of food and plaque on your teeth.

Use a Straw

Plastic straws might be bad for the environment, but they’re great for helping to keep your teeth bright. When you’re sipping on stain-making sodas, red wines, coffee, tea or other colored beverages, if you drink them through a straw, they’ll be less likely to come into contact with your enamel. Of course, if you don’t want to add to the more than 500 million plastic straws used by Americans daily, you can choose a paper straw, a reusable silicon or stainless steel version, or simply run to the bathroom to rinse your mouth after enjoying your beverage.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

You can brush regularly, you can floss daily, but nothing beats a professional cleaning to get your teeth looking and feeling smooth, clean and sparkling. A visit to the dentist at least every six months with help remove plaque from hard-to-reach places. Since plaque is what helps give your pearly whites a yellowy tinge, a regular cleaning can help your teeth really shine.

Although there are many ways to get (and keep!) your teeth looking bright, to achieve maximum results, nothing quite beats a professional whitening treatment. Contact Dr. Heller to talk about a whitening treatment today!


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