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Veneers are the Secret to a Movie-Star Smile

Movie Star Smile

What’s the Secret to a Movie-Star Smile? Veneers!

Movie Star SmileBefore stepping out onto the red carpet, stars make sure they’ve got the perfect hair, the perfect makeup, the perfect outfit, the perfect accessories, the perfect sound bite, and, of course, the perfect smile.

Ever wondered how they all have such gorgeous teeth? Well, banish thoughts of braces and other years-long orthodontic treatments. The celeb secret to a perfect smile is veneers.

While you may not be a celeb, the good news is that our top-rated cosmetic dental practice offers high-quality veneers in Easton, MA.

How Do Veneers Work?

Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the teeth to correct and enhance your smile. Whereas braces can take years to straighten teeth and close gaps, veneers in Easton can typically take only weeks to complete. Which is super beneficial for celebrities for whom a mouth full of tin might interfere with a role or a tour. Unless you’re Tom Cruise or Gwen Stefani, who tried to make brace-face happen in the early 2000s, most stars opt for the quick fix and perfect look that only veneers can get you.

Who Are Veneers For?

Veneers are pretty much a catch-all for imperfect smiles. They can lengthen short teeth, close gaps, and straighten crooked teeth. Best of all, unlike braces (teeth can continue to drift after the metal comes off), it’s a permanent way to get — and keep! — a straight, white smile. And, if they’re done right, they can look totally natural.

Of course, not all celebs will admit to getting veneers. No one wants to be called out for having fake teeth. In Hollywood, it’s rare to admit you’ve had cosmetic work done, even if it’s just on your teeth! But the ones who are open about it, including Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes, talk about how veneers have totally transformed their lives. Chrissy Teigen, the hilarious model/mom, even says veneers saved her grin from a lifetime of grinding. “I was a notorious teeth-grinder, so all my front teeth became a couple of millimeters shorter,” Teigen said. Veneers helped give her the Instagram-ready look she sports in countless selfies and on the red carpet.

Veneers might be the undercover treatment stars use to get perfect teeth ASAP, but they’re not only for celebs. If you’re looking for a permanent fix that will give you a lifetime of white, straight, strong teeth, we can help with the highest quality veneers in Easton. Call Dr. Heller to make an appointment today to talk about what veneers can do for you.


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