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Hands Down the Best Dental-Themed Halloween Costumes

If you’re searching for fun and unique Halloween costume ideas, look no further! We’ve got the best dental-themed Halloween costumes ideas … and no, “Sexy Floss” is not one of them!

Tooth Fairy

Who doesn’t love the tooth fairy? From Lauren Conrad to Hilary Duff, people have been putting their own spin on this sweet Halloween look for the last few years. You can get yours ready-made from the store or DIY it at home. The best part about this costume is that’s it’s also easy to piece together last-minute from previous costumes (or your kids’ dress-up drawer.) Just grab a floaty skirt, a princess wand, some fairy wings, a tiara and poof! Instant Tooth Fairy!

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

This one has our vote for cutest couple costume! It might not be as scary as a ghost and a ghoul (unless you’re a cavity) but it’s definitely unique. To create this “clean” look at home will require a little more than your average lying around the house materials. But you can also buy these at the store. All you’ll need is a friend who’s game and won’t fight you over who’s going to be the toothbrush and who’s going to be the toothpaste!


C’mon, we couldn’t resist putting dentist on the list! Sure, some people could find this one of the scariest dental-themed Halloween costumes out there… but those are people who clearly haven’t met Dr. Heller! Not only is this a pretty easy costume to pull off — scrubs, a mask and a toothbrush anyone? — but you’ll be the most popular person at the party when you give out those mini toothpaste, toothbrush and floss sets everyone loves. I mean, anyone can give out candy. But after bingeing on a bag of fun size Snickers, people are really gonna need something to make sure their smile stays on point!



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