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Tailgating Snacks That Are the Worst for Your Teeth

You’re probably aware of what bingeing on that giant bowl of cheesy chili will do for your waistline, but what about what the generally high-fat, high-sugar foods we love to eat while watching the game will do you to your teeth? We’re breaking down the worst tailgating snacks to munch on while you’re waiting for kickoff.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are not only loaded with starch, which turns into sugar, they also have a delightful tendency to get stuck between your teeth. Why is that a problem? Well, bacteria love to feed on sugar. And since most of us aren’t going to bring dental floss to the big game, chances are they’ll be snacking on the tailgating snacks stuck in your teeth well after the final whistle blows.


It’s not surprising that this sweet, gooey, chocolatey treat ended up on our “do not eat” list of tailgating snacks. Coming in at a whopping 36 grams of sugar per 4-inch square, this is definitely one of those football party foods you should avoid. Eating foods high in sugar can weaken your enamel and cause tooth decay. So limit your portions… or skip this snack altogether!


Beer might be your go-to for the big game, but due to the popularity of “pre-mixed” margaritas, this is one beverage you might be seeing a lot more of this fall. Unfortunately, the margarita is a trifecta of no-no’s for your mouth:

  1. It’s full of sugar and acid, which can encourage bacteria and attack your enamel.
  2. Alchohol causes dehydration, which in turn makes your body produce less saliva. Less saliva = less ammunition to fight off bacteria.
  3. Crunching on the ice left at the bottom of your cup could seriously damage your enamel.

So do yourself (and your teeth!) a favor and stick to beer (preferably light beer!) to limit the negative effects of a margarita on your mouth!


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