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Smile Stronger, Live Longer

Smile Stronger, Live Longer

A smile can give you confidence. A smile can make you seem more attractive. But can smiling help you live longer?

The Greater the Smile, the Longer You’ll Live

According to a 2009 study that ranked the smiles of baseball players in yearbook photos, the players who smiled with more intensity actually lived longer than those who didn’t. Researchers looked at 230 photos of players from 1952’s Baseball Register and ranked their smiles according to intensity. What they found was that those who posed with a more genuine and intense smile that reached the eyes had actually lived longer.

A Smile Can Also Predict Happiness

Not only can researchers tell how long you’ll live based on the intensity of your smile, but they can also predict how happy you’ll be. During a 30-year-long study, psychologists analyzed the college yearbook photos of 141 women, and found that those who smiled not just with their mouths, but also with their eyes, reported greater marital satisfaction and overall well-being at the age of 52 than those who smiled with less intensity.

Which Type of Smiler Are You?

According to the French neurologist G.B. Duchenne, there are two types of smiles. The first is the kind where the cheek muscles help pull up the corners of your lip. The kind of grin that’s very easy to fake. The second type contracts not only the muscles around the lips, but also those that crinkle the eyes. That’s the one that is said to be an involuntary smile full of true emotion, and the one that truly predicts happiness and longevity. So although a fake smile can improve your self-confidence or up your dating prospects, (which in turn, can make you happier), only an authentic smile can predict how long you’ll live.


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