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Smile! It Can Actually Make You Happier

Smile! It Can Actually Make You Happier

Happy SmilesWhen it comes to your smile, “fake it til you make it” has never been more true. 

According to a recent study, participants who faked a smile while completing an unpleasant task reported that they felt more content and less stressed. Smiling (real OR fake) not only tricks your brain into becoming happier, it also boosts your immunity and could possibly even prolong your life. So how can one simple little smile sucker your body into a good mood? A smile triggers a release of serotonin and dopamine, two powerful happiness hormones that lift your mood and reduce stress. 

But a smile won’t only improve your own mood — research shows that it can actually lift the spirits of those around you. And a person who smiles is generally thought of as more friendly and likable.

But what if you’re self-conscious about your smile? It’s hard to “say cheese” when you’re not feeling comfortable about showing your teeth. Here are three simple things you can do to help you turn that frown upside down:

1. Brighten those pearly whites!

A bright, white smile is the easiest way to turn your lackluster grin into a mega-watt smile. A simple, safe and effective way to makeover your mouth, professional teeth-whitening services can lighten your teeth up to 7-10 shades and make them appear younger and healthier overall

2. Invest in veneers!

Veneers, which are a thin layer of porcelain or laminate placed on top of your own teeth, are the quickest, easiest way to get a straighter, whiter, healthier looking smile. Most people can completely transform their smile in just days.

3. Get dental implants!

A missing tooth can make it extremely hard to feel good about your smile. But don’t despair, a dental implant is a long-lasting, natural looking way to replace a missing tooth and get your smile back to looking beautiful.

The next time you’re caught in unexpected traffic, having a stressful day at work or in the middle of a grueling workout, try a smile. You’d be surprised at how quickly it can put things in a more positive perspective!


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