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Simple Makeup Tricks For Brighter Teeth

Makeup Tricks For Brighter Teeth

Simple Makeup Tricks For Brighter Teeth

Makeup Tricks For Brighter TeethWe all want whiter teeth. Well, technically 80% of us do. Which makes it no surprise that  professional teeth whitening treatments are the most requested cosmetic procedure in the country. There are many ways to achieve a bright, sparkling smile: You can call your dentist and get your teeth bleached professionally, you can purchase over-the-counter whitening strips OR you could try these three makeup tricks to bring out the shine in your smile.

Let’s break it down:

Bright, Bold Lipstick

You want your teeth to pop? Pair them with a bright, bold lip. Using a color with blue or purple undertones will help banish the brown/yellow stains dragging down your wattage. And since teeth are naturally cooler-toned, the bluish color will help bring it up.

Bronzer is Your Friend

If you’re blessed with gorgeous dark skin, you’ve already got a natural way to make your teeth look whiter — contrast! If you don’t have that gorgeous glow, then grab your bronzer and start slathering it on.

Contour Like the Pros

You want your teeth to stand out? Then contour your lips to make them appear fuller. Maybe you don’t have the natural Angelina pout (or the unnatural Kylie one.) Using contouring is an easy way to make them looked plumped up. Combined with a bold, blue-tinted lipstick, your sparkling teeth will stand out even more. 

Focus on the Eyes

I know, it seems counterintuitive to pull focus from the lips to get whiter teeth. But just like choosing a cooler-toned lipstick will bring out the whites of your teeth, choosing cool colored shadows like silvers, blues or purples will make your smile seem even brighter.

Moisturize Your Mouth

No matter how much blue-toned lipstick you slather on your pout, if your lips are dry and flakey, your teeth are not going to shine. In order to get the focus on your bright, gorgeous smile, and not those chapped lips, exfoliate your lips before you apply your lipstick. You can purchase a lip exfoliator scrub, or just rinse off your toothbrush with warm water and use it to gently buff away dead skin.

And if these makeup tricks don’t get your teeth shining the way you want (or maybe you don’t even wear makeup!), you can always make an appointment with your dentist to talk about having a professional, long-lasting whitening treatment.


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