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Make Your Mouth More Kissable This Valentine’s Day

If there’s one day out of the year that you want your mouth looking, smelling and feeling its’ best — it’s February 14th. Valentine’s day, a holiday celebrating several saints named Valentine who were matyred by the Romans, has evolved into a celebration of romantic love. Not to mention candy hearts, sweet notes and, of course, kissing! So how do you make your mouth it’s most kissable this year?

 Polish Those Pearly Whites

This may sound obvious, but brushing is the best way to prepare for V-day. Brush in the morning, brush after meals and most importantly, brush before your date! Because a bouquet of roses might make your (or your date’s day, but if s/he catches a cavity from you, you might find yourself all alone the next time Valentine’s Day rolls around. That’s right, cavities are contagious. In fact, one study found that cavity-causing bacteria can be passed orally between couples. So while it’s okay to indulge in chocolate for one day, don’t skip on the brushing!

Fun Fact: Kissing Is GOOD For Your Mouth

You want to make your mouth more kissable? Start kissing! Bear with us, here. Kissing promotes saliva. Saliva is important to your oral health for a whole host of reasons: it contains bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate that not only neutralizes plaque acids, but also helps repair damaged and decay you’ve already got. In fact, saliva has been called “your mouth’s most powerful natural defense against decay.” So the thing you want to prepare your mouth for this Valentine’s day is also the thing that will help keep it clean!

Make a Date With Your Dentist

It’s never a bad idea to see your dentist, but squeezing in a visit before the V-day is the best way you can make sure your mouth is at its’ best. Call Dr. Heller today!





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