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It’s Never Too Early to Get Your Smile Ready for Wedding Season!

Sure, it’s still January and you’re more likely to be thinking about buying another winter coat than a summer gown, but whether you’re the bride, the mother-of-the-groom, or even a guest, now is the perfect time to start getting your smile ready for summer wedding season!

Lighten Up

Back in the day, the wedding party was most concerned with looking their best in front of the 100 or so friends and family gathered for the big day. But today, thanks to social media, you can multiply that by a thousand! And what makes the biggest impact in your wedding selfie? Not your clothes, your hair or your pose, but your smile! In a 2018 study, 58% of respondents marked “smile” as the most important selfie feature, ahead of hair (25%) and pose (21%). The easiest way to get a wedding-ready selfie smile is to whiten your teeth! A professional teeth whitening treatment can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades and totally transform your smile.

Implants Are Worth It

No one wants to rock a gap-toothed smile in wedding photos, so if your smile needs a bigger fix than bleaching, dental implants might be the way to go. Implants are one of the best dental investments you can make. Implants will not only transform your smile, they can also change the shape of your face! If you’re missing teeth and want to look wedding-ready for June, make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Heller today.

Splurge on Veneers

You may be tempted to shell out some major cash for that gorgeous gown, but if you want to make an investment on something that will look great in pictures AND for years to come – splurge on veneers. Veneers are the quickest and easiest way to get a movie star smile. So what are veneers? Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that are bonded to the teeth. They can lengthen short teeth, close gaps and straighten crooked teeth. Best of all, unlike braces, it’s a permanent way to get — and keep! — a straight, white smile. And, if they’re done right, they can look totally natural.

If you’ve got a big day coming up, or just want to look fabulous every day, call us today to see how we can transform your smile!


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