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Is Giving Up Coffee the Smile-Saving Remedy You Need?

There are so many things we love about coffee: the aroma, the rich taste, the warmth of the mug on a cold morning. One thing we don’t love? How it stains our teeth.

Why Does Coffee Taste So Good But Stain So Bad?

Like a coat of armor, your teeth are covered in a coating of hard enamel to protect them. But also like a coat of armor, that enamel has gaps. In the case of your teeth, microcosmic ones, in which food and drink particles can slip under and stain your teeth. And if you don’t address them right away, those food and drink particles can get underneath the enamel and cause permanent stains. Or worse.

How to Deal With Coffee Stains

You know the drill: you’ve spent time and money on getting your pearly whites as white as they can be. But just a few months later and your mouth’s sparkle and shine has lost it’s sparkle… and shine. You’d sooner give up your iPhone than your morning vanilla latte, but brown is not a color you want associated with your smile. What can you do? Brush. Seriously. The main cause of staining is plaque buildup, so brushing for 2 minutes at least twice a day will be your first line of attack. Then? Floss. We know, we know. Not your favorite. Drinking or swishing water after helps, as does making sure you never take your coffee black — milk protein can actually latch onto the tannins in coffee to help prevent stains.



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