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How to Keep Your Smile Shining This Holiday Season

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You’ve put up your cutest holiday decor, you’ve purchased your party outfit and your barista has finally perfected your peppermint mocha. In other words, you’re ready to rock this holiday season. But what about your smile? With all the seasonal treats, drinks and treats (did we say treats?) it’s going to be hard to keep your smile shining as bright as the Swarovski crystal star atop your Christmas tree. But not impossible. Read on for tips and tricks to keep your smile merry and bright this holiday season!

Snack Smart

It may be impossible to avoid all the candy canes, Christmas cookies and peanut brittle coming atcha from every side this holiday season. And we’re not asking you to. Dr. Heller advises that you limit your intake to one treat and brush after so the sugar doesn’t turn into bacteria (which turns into cavities) in your mouth.

Be Prepared

If you’re rushing straight from work to your best friend’s holiday party, you might pack your makeup bag into your work bag, or even throw in a pair of festive heels to change into on the way. So why not pack an extra toothbrush, some floss and even a mini-mouthwash? If you plan on indulging in a delicious peppermint martini (or two), you probably aren’t going to worry about having fresh breath after. But with 210 calories per serving and plenty of sugar, brushing 30 minutes after you drink will help your mouth stay clean and healthy after drinking.

Whiten Up

We might as well call the holiday season “selfie season” for all the pop-ups, gatherings and parties you’ll be attending between now and January 1st. And what’s the secret to a great selfie? A bright, white smile, of course! The best way to make sure your smile is popping this holiday season is to give yourself an early xmas gift: the gift of teeth whitening! Not only will it last way past winter (unlike your snowflake gel tips), it’ll give you more confidence as we head into this busy holiday season. Make an appointment with Dr. Heller to talk about how you can get your smile ready-for-the-season today!


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