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How to Get a Selfie-Ready Smile

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How to Get a Selfie-Ready Smile

Selfie Ready SmileThe ubiquitous selfie has become the pose of choice amongst the younger population in the US. In fact, a recent study revealed that over 91% of Millennials admit to posting a selfie online. And it’s not just for the younguns. Chances are that if your mom is one of the 21 million senior citizens on Facebook, you’ve probably seen her post a selfie. Everybody’s doing it. But what if you’re self-conscious about your smile? It’s hard to strike a selfie pose when your smile isn’t on point. Here’s three tips to get your smile selfie-ready.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re someone who has a knack for smiling beautifully and naturally every time, then skip ahead. But if you’re the type who doesn’t quite know what to do with your face in a photo, then practice makes perfect. Check out your smile in the mirror. Does it look better with a wide open grin or showing just a bit of teeth? Is your face more flattering looking straight on or if it’s just a bit off to the side? One way to get a great pic is to look away from the camera, close your eyes and then when you’re ready to hit that button, whip your head around, smile and open your eyes. Sounds cheesy, but it works!

2. Whiten up Those Teeth

A great selfie smile starts with bright, white teeth. If you want a high-wattage smile with long-lasting results, have your teeth professionally whitened. Safe and effective, it’s the best way to get your teeth up to 7-10 shades lighter. And best of all, the dramatic effects of a professional whitening treatment are almost instantaneous, so you can take your selfie right from the dentist’s chair!

3. Get Veneers

It’s hard to smile about bad teeth. But if you want to get a perfect, movie-star smile that is selfie-ready, then invest in veneers. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that are custom bonded to your existing teeth. The entire procedure is usually completed within 2-3 appointments, and can dramatically change your smile, and in some cases, your entire look! With a minimal time commitment and maximum results, veneers are truly the way to go if you want a perfect selfie-smile every time.

Is your smile selfie-ready? Make an appointment with Dr. Heller to talk about how you can get a better smile today!


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