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How to Get a Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile

How to Get a Perfect Smile

Perfect SmileDuckface might be the most popular selfie pose (thanks to the Kardashians) but try holding your lips in a bill-shape IRL and you’ll see that most people with think you’ve got a bad case of botox-gone-wrong. If you want a quick and easy way to appear friendlier and more confident in person, a smile is the way to go. But what if those pearly whites are actually brown, you’ve got a snaggletooth or your crooked smile is just not cute? It’s hard to say cheese when you’re ashamed to open your mouth. But don’t despair, we’ve got you. Here’s three easy things you can do right now to makeover your mouth and perfect your smile.

Teeth whitening:

The quickest way to get turn up the volume on your grin is to whiten your teeth. are a good short term solution, but if you really want to make your teeth look like you’ve never had a cup of coffee (or a glass of red wine) in your life, leave it to the professionals. A dentist can give you a bright natural smile that can lighten your teeth up to ten shades. According to Dr. Heller, “professional teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to transform your smile.” In fact, after a professional teeth whitening treatment, most people see an immediate improvement in their smile, with #nofilter needed!

Get a crown fit for royalty:

If you have a snaggletooth sticking out of your smile, never fear, crowns are here. A crown is a miracle tool that can help reshape your tooth, cover imperfections like fractures and decay and make that oddly shaped “peg tooth” (yep, that’s a real dental term) fit in with all the rest. Whether you were in a bar fight or inherited your misshapen tooth (thanks, Mom and Dad!), a crown can get your smile back on track. Tramadol generic

Straighten those teeth — no braces required!

If you’ve ever seen pictures of kids suffering through prom with a mouth full of tin, relax, that is far from the only way to get straight teeth. In fact, the quickest way to get those teeth in line is actually veneers! A thin layer of laminate that attaches to your own teeth, Dr. Heller says, “It’s no surprise that celebrities who want a quick fix for a perfect smile are turning to veneers. The treatment is fast and effective and the best way to totally transform your smile.” 

Nobody’s perfect, but thanks to the miracle of modern dentistry, your teeth can be. From ugly stains to snaggleteeth and even a crowded mouth, a perfect smile is just a phone call to your dentist away!


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