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How to Drink Red Wine Without Staining Your Smile

You love red wine. We love it, too. But we don’t love the reddish-brownish tint on our teeth that we get after enjoying a glass (or two… or three!) of the good stuff. You could try to brush after drinking, but as someone who’s tried to mix minty toothpaste with delicious wine  — ew. Here’s some tips and tricks to keep your smile shining even while enjoying red wine.

Drink it Through a Straw

I know what you’re thinking — a straw in a wine glass is about as classy as a taking a selfie at a funeral. But it works! In fact, there are actually dedicated wine straws (genius) for exactly this purpose. And they’re reusable so you don’t have to worry about endangering the planet. Drinking wine through a straw will minimize the contact wine has with your teeth, Dr. Heller says. But although it might save your smile from stains,  you’re not going to eliminate the acid from touching your teeth altogether. Unless, of course, you put the straw waaay in the back of your throat. But that’s not exactly the best way to enjoy your wine.

Have a ‘Tweener’

Drinking water in between glasses of wine will not only keep you from drinking too much/too fast, it also gives your mouth the opportunity to flush out the acids that cause cavities and wear down your enamel. Not only that, it also help wash out the tannins that stain your smile. More water = healthier teeth and a brighter smile. It’s a win-win!

Buy Special Glasses

Much like drinking out of a straw, these specially formulated wine glasses called “Wino Sippers” are an easy way to enjoy your red wine without staining your teeth. The straw is attached to the five ounce glass, so there’s no need for a separate wine sipping intrument. Plus, the box is adorable!

Of course, if you’d prefer not to use any of these methods, you can still save your smile from wine stains by drinking in moderation and rinsing with water or waiting at least 30 minutes until brushing your teeth after. Cheers!


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