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Beat Your Teeth’s Winter Blues

Ahhh, winter! A time of teeth-chattering temperatures, frost-bitten gums and jaw-clenching walkway shoveling. Can your teeth freeze? No, but the cold can definitely wreak havoc with your smile!

Don’t Grin and Bear It

No one likes to be outside in freezing temps. But although smiling through your pain is a great way to up your mood, it can actually wreak havoc with sensitive teeth during the cold. Ever notice how inhaling or smiling in the snow can actually cause your teeth to hurt? That could be because your dentin is exposed. Dentin is that layer of teeth just below your gums. If you suffer from a receding gum line and or enamel erosion (which can be caused by acidic diet, brushing too hard, gum disease), you leave your dentin exposed to the chilly weather. So make sure you’re brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly to avoid the feeling of frostbitten teeth!

Don’t Clench Those Teeth

One of the best things about living in a colder climate? The snowy weather. The worst thing about living in a colder climate? The snowy weather. Especially when you’re on your way to work or pick up your grandchildren and you can barely walk out your front door due to the several feet of snow that’s fallen overnight! The stress of living in Boston in the middle of winter can manifest itself in many ways — and clenching your teeth as you shovel your walkway is one of them! So try to relax before you grab that shovel. Because clenching your teeth and jaws can leave you with hypersensitive teeth, aching jaw muscles, headaches, enamel erosion and damage to crowns and implants. If shoveling snow causes you stress, try taking a few yoga breaths or doing a few minutes of meditation before opening that door. Your teeth and jaw will thank you! Valium

Do See Your Dentist

There are many ways to cope with the colder weather — throwing on your favorite sweater before you step outside, drinking your favorite hot beverage, binge-watching your favorite show. But having sensitive teeth and gums during the winter can make all of these things uncomfortable to downright unbearable. If you find your sensitive teeth are suffering during the winter months, make an appointment with Dr. Heller today. A trip to the dentist might just be the perfect antidote to your mouth’s winter blues.



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