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Bad Teeth are Actually Bad for Your Body

Bad Teeth Are Bad For Health

Bad Teeth are Actually Bad for Your Body

Bad Teeth Are Bad For HealthAs if you needed another reason to keep up with your oral hygiene…

Poor oral health can give you cavities, bad breath and low self-esteem, but did you know that it can also up your risk of having a heart attack — or even a stroke?

Researchers recently found a link between gum disease and increased risk of heart disease.  Scientists believe the that the inflammation associated with gum disease is responsible for the correlation. It’s also thought that the bacteria that builds up in your mouth and causes the gum disease could also travel through the bloodstream and latch onto the walls of the arteries feeding the heart and cause small blood clots that can restrict the blood flow to not only the heart, causing a heart attack, but to the brain as well, which could cause a stroke! Who knew not flossing could be life-threatening?

That same bacteria could also cause cancer. Once again, inflammation is the culprit. A 2016 study found that men with gum disease where 13% more likely to get cancer. And researchers recently discovered that the same types of bacteria that cause periodontal disease can also cause esophageal cancer. 

If heart attack, stroke and cancer aren’t bad enough, researchers are currently studying a correlation between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. How is that possible? Inflammation restricts blood flow, not just to the heart and brain, but to other parts of the body as well. Including that part. In a Taiwanese study, scientists found that impotent men were 79% more likely to have chronic periodontal disease. 79%!

So what can you do about it? Brush your teeth. Floss. See your dentist regularly. At least every six months unless you have chronic issues. And more importantly, if you notice bleeding or tenderness around the gums, get it checked out!


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