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All I Want for Christmas is a Perfect Smile

Let’s face it: Christmas shopping is exhausting. Looking for the perfect gift for your boss/bestie/grandma can not only be time consuming and anxiety producing, it’s also not cheap! After all that searching, shopping and buying, you deserve a little gift for yourself. How about something that’s scientifically proven to up your confidence, get you more dates, and make your selfies shine? I’m talking about the gift of a perfect smile.

Sparkling White Teeth

The easiest — and quickest — way to perfect your smile is through professional teeth whitening. Sure, those at-home kits are good for a tiny, temporary change, but if your goal is to reward yourself after the busy holiday season, why not turn to a professional? A professional teeth whitening service can give you a bright natural smile that can lighten your teeth up to ten shades. According to Dr. Heller, “professional teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to transform your smile.” You deserve it!

Fix that Funky Tooth

Maybe you bit down too hard on a Corn Nut in college or had a little too fun playing a friendly game of field hockey one afternoon. If you have that one weird tooth that’s been bugging you ever since it got chipped or cracked but never bothered to get it fixed, now is the time. A crown can cap off your year — and your smile — making it look like that thing that happened… never happened. Like an eraser for your mouth. Now if you could only do the same about all those bad relationships…

Splurge on Veneers

Maybe it’s not just one tooth. Maybe whitening isn’t gonna hide everything. If you truly want to transform your mouth, veneers are the way to go! Sure, it’s a Christmas splurge, but the sooner you make the decision to upgrade your smile, the sooner you can start enjoying all those benefits!

Give yourself the gift of a perfect smile. Call Dr. Heller today!


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