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A Smile is Sexy — According to Science

A Smile Is Sexy

A Smile is Sexy — According to Science

A Smile Is SexySome people are attracted to a great sense of humor in a potential mate. Others might be turned on by a partner who sports a six pack. There are probably some people who get excited by a date who has at least 10,000 Instagram followers. Attraction can be a very subjective thing. But according to a recent study, it’s actually a natural smile that makes someone more universally attractive to the majority of respondents.

Researchers at Swansea University found that people who appeared to be smiling naturally in photos were generally thought to be healthier than people who were frowning or had a blank expression. Dr. Alex Jones, a lecturer in psychology at the Welsh university and an expert in facial perception said, “We discovered that faces look healthier when they are smiling, compared to a neutral expression.” Not only do smiling faces look happier and healthier, but they are genuinely thought of as being more attractive as well. 

College students who smile in their profile pics also report more satisfying social lives. Does that mean they’re more likely to hang a sock on their dorm room door? What we do know is that a smile makes you appear more healthy, confident and even smarter. 

And it’s not only college students that benefit from the smiling equals healthy equals attractive equation. Dr. Jones says, “We also found that this effect increased with the age of the face: while younger adults look healthier when they smile, older adults look much healthier.” He went on to say that when it came to determining the health of a person based on photos, “A smile was a more important cue than how old the face appeared to be, and more recent research has shown a happy expression is even more important than cues like body fat or skin colouration.”

So skip the botox. Forget the blush. Cancel your gym membership. Okay, maybe don’t do that last one as exercise is important for your health in many ways. But if you want to appear healthy, happy and sexy, a great smile is truly your best accessory!


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